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Service Options at Buddy Pegs

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Service Options at Buddy Pegs

Buddy Pegs Bike Shop is a full service bike shop for kids, adult, full suspension, and E-Cargo bikes. We offer both full service tune-ups and small tweaks all around!



The Safety Check

  • Inspect brakes and make minor adjustments
  • Make sure wheels are on tight
  • Inspect cockpit for tightness (handlebars, headset, stem)
  • Make sure seat is on tight and straight
  • Inspect cables
  • Adjust brake levers for fit and safety
  • Check cranks for tightness
  • Check and adjust tire pressure


The Nollie (1 Gear Bike)

Everything in a Safety Check plus:

  • True wheels and adjust wheel bearings
  • Lateral true of wheels
  • Tension, clean and lube chain
  • Adjust bottom bracket (the part that makes pedals go around)
  • Adjust headset (the part that makes the bike steer safely)
  • Check all nuts and bolts for proper tightness
  • Air up tires
  • Fit bike to the rider


The Can-Can (Multi-Speed Bike )

Everything in Safety Check & Nollie else plus:

  • Basic bike wash
  • Degrease and lube gears and chain
  • Wheels trued and hubs adjusted
  • Complete brake adjustments
  • Basic cleaning of gears and derailleurs
  • Adjust front and rear shifting
  • Tube or sealant replacement
  • Set suspension for rider weight
  • Test ride bike


The Nac-Nac (Partial Overhaul)

Everything in The Can-Can plus:

  • Detailed bike wash
  • Cables and housing replacement
  • Shifter flush
  • Installation of new parts (tires/tubes/tubeless, saddle, pedals, grips/tape, etc.)
  • Brake pad / piston / rotor clean


The Nollie Half-Cab (1 Gear Bike Overhaul)

Everything in The Nollie plus: 

  • Bottom bracket overhaul
  • Wheel hubs overhaul
  • Headset overhaul
  • Installation of new parts (brake cable/pads, tires/tubes, chain, saddle, pedals, grips/tape ect.)
  • Frame and parts clean and detail


The 720 (The Complete Overhaul)

Everything in The Nollie Half-Cab plus:

  • A complete overhaul, top to bottom, all the way down to the frame and back up again.
  • Bottom bracket overhaul
  • Headset overhaul
  • Wheel hubs overhaul
  • Linkage overhaul
  • Detail wash with applied bike-protectant
  • 20% off a full or half suspension service