Yuba Electric Supermarche (w/ Front Loader) White

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Electric Supermarché

High performance front-loader cargo hauler

Specifically designed for active parents and small businesses alike, the Supermarché fits nearly every rider thanks to a low step-through frame with adjustable stem and seatpost. The extra-low front cargo rack, lightweight frame and double-cable steering give you confidence and control, matter the what you’re hauling home.

Keeping with our cargo roots, we tacked on a rear rack over the 20-inch rear wheel for extras and one more passenger. We super-charged the Supermarché with a Bosch Performance Line 250W, 36V Powerpack 500, capable of speeds up to 20 mph. This all adds up to a powerful cargo-hauling machine that steers like butter and turns heads everywhere.


  • Sturdy, low step-over aluminum frame
  • Magura MT5 Next hydraulic disc brakes 2 piston
  • Bosch Performance CX 250W, 36V Powerpack 500, Intuvia display
  • Schwalbe Big Apple 20″ x 2.15″ tires
  • Rear rack with side loaders (16.5 x 7 in)

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