YUBA Blue Kombi, Mid-tail, 24 Inch wheels 9 Speed 24 Inch Bike

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From grocery getting to dominating the drop-off line, the Kombi is the right tool for any job. This cargo bike is affordable, portable and storable. This is your gateway to two-wheeled freedom, shared adventures and new discoveries; Its name is a nod to the adventurer and the explorer in all of us. Yuba took the best parts of our most popular models and ‘kombined’ them to create a cargo bike for everybody. 

For urban dwellers, the Kombi has a shorter wheelbase to fit the bus rack and upright storage capabilities to fit an apartment.

For parents, Yuba included disc brakes for safety, a low step-over for easy sharing and a rear rack spacious enough to carry two kiddos and all their gear on the go.

Nimble, snappy handling was a top priority because – let’s face it – life can be chaotic. With solid design and custom add-ons, carry your cargo in comfort, with confidence, from the family dog to a flea market find.

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