Private POD Lesson (4 week Session) - 1 hour


Looking for an amazing activity to supplement your 'POD' this crazy school year? 

Thankfully, Buddy Pegs is here to help! Our early childhood cycling coaches are ready to introduce your little explorers to the wonders of a childhood on two wheels and the tools of lifelong happiness and success that comes from it.

With Covid-19 we will have to do the coaching from a safe distance. Because of that we will need a Parent/Caregiver/teacher to participate during the lessons. We will provide the fun instruction and coaching, obstacle course, ramps, etc. mountain bike skills, however you will have to provide the hands on assistance. 

There has never been a better time to teach kids how to ride, explore trails and learn how to have fun doing it!   And now that journey begins as early as two years old! You remember how important your bike was for you as a kid. Now it's time to introduce your kids to a love of bicycling, the right way!


This pricing is based on a 1:6 Coach to Ratio.  If you need more than 6 kids you will need to pay for a second session and we can provide a 2nd coach.

Due to the nature of MIXED abilities for these pods we will require that kids who are NOT pedaling in the group take a separate Learn To Pedal class first and then the entire group can be together afterwards.  Be sure to have every family member fill out the attached waiver and info form so we can organize the various abilities the best we can.  Please email [email protected] with any questions.

waiver-form-button - Nitehawk Year-Round Adventure Park

Click here for a detailed questionnaire about your child and class waiver.


Please bring your child's bike in good working order. If you are unsure of the condition please bring to one of the local bike shops for a safety check.

WE DO NOT ALLOW TRAINING WHEELS. If your child's bike is not a balance bike we will remove pedals to focus on balancing before pedaling. This can cause a little nervousness but don't worry... we have our ways of making it a painless transition!
Be sure your child can comfortably touch the ground on their current bicycle when the training wheels are off. Contact us if you have questions or need to rent one of our bikes. Email [email protected]
CLICK HERE TO RENT A BIKE. ($5 per day). We will sanitize bike before delivering

Other Stuff

water bottle/ hydration pack
Favorite healthy snack/bars.
Helmet: You child will need their own Helmet.

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