Pint-size Pedalers (4 Week Session)


Ages Pre-k to K (3-5 yo)
1 Hour Class Length
Max 6 kids (Min 3 kids to run class)

**This class is for kiddos who are already comfortable on a balance bike.

Are your kiddos ready to start the journey towards early pedaling? Are you not sure how to graduate these pint-sized rippers to pedals?

Our play-based Learn To Pedal program uses fun games and activities to create independent and confident mini pedalers who simply love to ride.

Through these sessions, kiddos will progress through foundational skills such as balancing, gliding, and braking before we make the easy and gentle transition to pedals.

But we’re not just checking the “pedaling” box - that’s just the beginning. Once your child is pedaling independently, our Learn To Pedal coaches will continue to progress him or her through the next milestones of cycling including standing and pedaling, 360-degree awareness, navigating variable terrain, and preparing for longer rides.

The skill of pedaling unlocks a world of adventure for your kids but it’s critical to keep them learning what it means to be a safe and confident rider once speed and distance increase.

Our Goals:
1. Develop the self-awareness and skills that allow for safe riding.
2. Pedaling independently on two wheels (training wheels not allowed).
3. Make your child at least twice as excited to ride as before!

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