NORCO Fluid VLT A1 BLUE/BLACK LARGE | 900 V battery

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The Fluid VLT A1 is an aluminum electric Trail bike designed and proven in the backwoods of British Columbia with a boost to ride faster and go further.

Shimano’s EP8 drive system combines high torque electric assist with your choice of 3 removable in-tube batteries. (sold separately)


Norco tests their batteries in real-world conditions to determine potential range per charge. It’s an ongoing process that they insist on to improve their designs and determine what kind of variables effect range.

For example, they rode laps at one of their favourite proving grounds aboard a Sight VLT until the fully-charged battery was totally depleted.

NOT a laboratory setting - Real rider, real trail, real results.

Set on the Eco mode, he was able to cover 2100m of elevation over 38km before that battery was empty.

With the larger batteries, he would have covered proportionally more ground on those same trails in the same conditions:

Battery Capacity Wh 540 720 900
Elevation m/ft* 2100/6890 2800/9180 3500/11480
Distance km/mi* 38/23.5 50/31 63/39
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